A downloadable game for Windows

Lost in alien territory your ship is under heavy attack! Use your skills as the ship commander to keep the ship alive long enough to escape! Blast away alien enemies and gather their spare parts to repair damage, or add new components to your ship to make it faster and stronger! Your friends can also join in to control a team of Blastronauts to help fight the alien forces and gather parts with you! Do you and your Blastronaut crew have what it takes to survive? Yes!

Or do you??

How To Play:

Player 1 is the ship commander and uses the mouse to target enemies and to drag parts back to the ship. Parts can be placed anywhere on the ship and existing parts can be rearranged elsewhere. Holes in the ship's hull will cause the ship to lose health, so be sure to reorganize your parts to cover any damaged sections. Parts also come with different functions, such as shield units, gun turrets and rocket engines.

Players 2-4 control the Blastronauts, using the D-pad on your controllers to move and using the face buttons to shoot. Blastronauts can also collect parts by touching them and then bringing them back to the ship. Working together and communicating with the commander are the key to surviving the onslaught!

Install instructions

Just unzip the package and run the "main.exe" to play!

The game may ask you to update your Java if your Java is out of date. You can get the latest version of Java at:



Blastronaut_v01.zip 17 MB